Tuesday, May 07, 2013

NexentaStor auto-tier ACL workaround

Let us say that you created an auto-tier and said yes to preserve ACLs, but you used rsync as the protocol. Well, this is not realistic, and you'll see "Error from ACL callback (before): OperationFailed: the job was not completed successfully" in your logs after 0 seconds from running the auto-tier.

How to remove the ACL requirement? Delete and re-create the service? Not necessary.

If you run "show auto-tier :data-fsname-000" or the like, you'll see a value like "flags : copy ACLs" that is not otherwise addressable in properties. Just "setup auto-tier :data-fsname-000 property flags" and adjust the value "1024" to "0" and you'll remove the flag. Thats it.

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