Thursday, April 04, 2013

Joyent SDC 6.5.6 released -- Upgrade workaround

Just a heads up that Joyent has released Smart Data Center 6.5.6 as noted here:

First upgrade attempt fails at the very end when selecting the correct platform. Joyent Support noted that it has seen this before, and that a "sdc-restore" from the pre-upgrade backup and then a reattempt should work. In my case, it did just that. I did the quick restore (no -F here). Rebooting the head node as I write this.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Save time in backing up Joyent Smart Data Center

One does not frequently backup the head node USB key with Joyent's Smart Data Center. Generally you do it prior to upgrades. Therefore, its commonly a "do it twice" process as it has a quirky bug with regards to terminal emulation that I never seem to remember until its too late:

[root@headnode (CIS:0) ~]# sdc-backup -U c2t0d0p0
Disk c2t0d0p0 will relabled, reformatted and all data will be lost [y/n] y
labeling disk
creating PCFS file system
mounting target disk c2t0d0
mounting source disk c0t0d0
copying files
setting up grub
Sorry, I don't know anything about your "xterm-256color" terminal.
Error: installing grub boot blocks

Yep, my OSX default xterm-256color is not known, and the many-minutes long backup process dies at the end. To address this, override the terminal setting in root user's .bash_profile file with the line:

 export TERM=vt100

Simple, but its not every day you can increase performance by 50%, so to speak.