Friday, May 03, 2013

How To: Pluribus NAT Routing

Its no secret that at Stanford we do a lot with OpenFlow. We get to play with some new and interesting stuff that we integrate into our OpenFlow network. One of these is the Pluribus Network switch, which combines system and network virtualization with a high bandwidth 48+ port 10GB switch fabric. We have been running this in our network, and for months it has been handling the heaviy lifting duties for our SmartOS-based private cloud.

Various features including OpenFlow functionality have been tested, but the products user interface is still being crafted and changes some what over time. Recently, we needed to enable NAT routing for the private administrative network for the SmartOS private cloud. This network is not attached to a router interface, and applying something outside the network fabric to enable NAT or routing will create an undesired point of failure. Pluribus has full routing functionality tied to their virtual network capability. Here is the current command sequence used to enable routing between the private 10.0.x.0/16 administrative address space (could be larger) to an external routable network. I've added the VLAN to attach externally as VLAN 4444, and the fabric name is sdc-global:

> nat-create name sdc-global-gateway vnet sdc-global
> nat-interface-add nat-name sdc-global-gateway ip if data
> nat-interface-add nat-name sdc-global-gateway ip if data vlan 4444
> nat-map-add nat-name sdc-global-gateway name sdc-global-nat ext-interface network should be the external port, as seen from "nat-interface-show"

UPDATE: A bug when first did this prevents the zone managing the NAT from having a correct default gateway. You'll need shell access and "zlogin sdc-global-gateway" or the like to enter the zone, add add /etc/defaultrouter with the IP of that router there for future use. Then you can exit the zone and run "zoneadm -z sdc-global-gateway reboot" to get it working.

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