Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pogo Linux, Nexenta announce StorageDirector Z-Series storage

Pogo Linux Inc., a Seattle-based storage server manufacturer, and Nexenta Systems Inc., developer of NexentaStor, an open storage solution based upon the revolutionary file system ZFS, announced Wednesday immediate availability of a new set of storage appliances featuring NexentaStor.Yeah.. that was the posted text above. What does it really mean? More kit choices to get a open storage NAS. Some nice configuration options when ordering, but I didn't see an easy was to request smaller system disks versus the rest of the data drives for any given Z series unit. Its a very good first step. If a Linux vendor adopts an appliance based on OpenSolaris (albeit a Debian/Ubuntu-lookalike), you know there is something cooking.

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Kris said...

They have updated their online store to allow you to specify the OS disks seperate from the data storage disks.

I'm pretty impressed with their offering and online store + ordering + quoting process.