Monday, June 16, 2008

Closet WO Developer

One of many hats I wear is that of a erstwhile java developer. Our internal apps have been heavily reliant on object relational mappers. I've dabbled into RoR, and even helped get a TurboGears project off the ground here that was fully open source. However, the primary solution we've used in production since 2002 has been the grand daddy of ORM solutions: WebObjects.

This past week at Apple's WWDC was a great one for WebObjects. The usual NDA applies. However, prior to that the WebObjects community had their own two day in-depth conference in San Francisco. No NDA for that, and I can report that WO development is alive, well, and dare I say thriving? The news about SproutCore has a second story, in that the backend of choice may be RoR, but the #1 apps will likely also be WO-based. Got an iPhone? Learn WO. As we opensource some of our projects here, I'll write a few more posts and speak on some more points, but with the latest release of WebObjects (5.4.x) the final deployment restrictions on the free WO frameworks were lifted. I expect some level of renewed interest.

To find out more, check in with the WOCommunity.

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