Friday, November 02, 2007

Old is new again

Prior to my happiness in using all things ZFS, I was eagerly testing Lustre. Primary concerns there was both management of the backend storage and ability to translate this network file system to standard NFS and CIFS for non-Linux clients. Cluster FileSystems was recently announced to be acquired by Sun, but prior to that, they made announcements about how Lustre and ZFS would be married. I always thought that perhaps it was that ZFS would be the exposed layer on a client, and that it was the same old OSTs and OSDs on the backend. Not so.

CFS Moves Lustre to ZFS

Instead, ZFS is the backend to the storage nodes. Albeit that the driver pool is somewhat less for OpenSolaris than Linux, it does make one wonder exactly what new flexibility is afforded by this arrangement. Also, how much of this will end up as open sourced code to be incorporated into highly manageable product, such as my new favorite appliance, NexentaStor? I'll be diving further into this as more details emerge. Perhaps others can chime in with more info or clarification.

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